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St Margaret's Tower Project

Restoring  the  joy  of  St  Margaret’s the  power  of  dreams


Our project had building-related goals – restoring the brick-work, staircase, bells & clock – and also educational ones.  The Tower Project not only involved heritage goals, but also a two-year programme of events to provide opportunities for our local community to learn about this aspect of their heritage. We involved  local schools and synagogues and offering hand-bell ringing, cheese & wine evenings, a visit to the Whitechapel Bell Foundry, and a heritage trail around the church


Collection  in  aid  of  access  works

to  the  tower  roof - Completed

The project is to improve the access from the top off our spiral staircase to the roof so that we can offer tower tours to the roof has been completed.  Tours are offered during our annual Open Day which is Saturday 20th July 2019. 

To see what our Tower Project has achieved follow link below
tower restorationeven


Ringing   Practice

There’s a much better way of keeping fit.  It doesn’t cost anything – and there are a lot of value-added features as well!

You are praising God and “making a joyful  noise unto the Lord.”

You are evangelising – raising the profile of the Christian faith in a community that knows little of Christianity or traditional English culture.

You make new friends as you build teamwork together.

You are learning a new skill that you can use in any church in the country — and even overseas.

You are developing eye-body coordination

You are time-travelling: living out and conserving an ancient tradition that could easily be lost with the passing of the years.

You can still almost smell the smoke and the acrid vapours as the molten metal cooled in the huge mould s in the ground.


Monday's 7.15 pm at  St Margaret's

For more information call Matt on 07951 092890