Edgware Parish

3 churches rooted in Christ, growing together, transforming communities

St Peter’s - What we do

We believe our whole lives should show Jesus wherever we are and whatever we do, that’s why we are so involved in community activities as well as prayer and evangelism for the local area. It’s also why we have home groups to encourage and support each other during the week.

Members of our fellowship play key roles in many local organisations including the Stonegrove Community Trust, the Stonegrove and Spur Road Community Group and the local Police Safer Neighbourhood Team’s Ward Panel.

Since 2008 we have also served our area by providing line management, administrative and pastoral support for the Stonegrove Estates' Youth Project which delivers community provision in the local area.

As the local church in our area, we share the joys - and sorrows - of local people by celebrating baptisms and weddings in our church and by offering support in difficult times and through funerals.