Prayer requests for week commencing Monday 21st June

Whether you join our 9am Morning Prayer on Monday to Thursday in zoom or pray during your own quiet time each day, we invite you to join us in praying for the following topics this week.  If you have any prayer requests please email Rev Sally or text her if you have her number.  We pray for healing for those who are sick and grieving daily. A prayer to say together daily – Collect for third Sunday after Trinity

Monday – For the interview for Edgware Parish Communications Administrator which takes place today. Pray for the right person for the job to be selected.

Tuesday -Pray for the PCC meeting tonight for wisdom and unity in decision making regarding matters relating to finance and the future mission of the parish.

Wednesday – Give thanks for all the volunteers who are helping the NHS and their local communities in the Covid-19 vaccination programme, particularly at Mango Pharmacy, and pray for their protection as they work.

Thursday – Pray for the children who are suffering from poverty and/or abuse, and the children whose education has been adversely affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Friday – Pray for those who are sick, lonely, isolated, vulnerable, suffering from addictions, depression or other mental health disorders, that God would bring them healing .

Saturday – on Armed Forces Day – we prayer with thanks for those who are currently serving in the armed forces, and those who have done so in the past.

Sunday – Pray for the Thanksgiving and Remembering Service at St Margaret’s Church at 6:30pm today, that those who are grieving would be comforted