Free Family Film at 4pm Saturday 10th July – Lady and the Tramp

Join us for this live-action Disney remake of the classic animated film.  This romantic musical will appeal to adults and children alike.  Please ring 020 8952 4066 to book your family seats.  Popcorn and ice cream will be served at tables during the film. Parents must stay with children.

What’s the plot?: On Christmas in the 1900s, a young couple opens a Christmas present revealing an adorable cocker spaniel pup inside. Jim Dear and Darling are smitten with the affectionate puppy they name Lady (voiced by Tessa Thompson), and she becomes the centre of their world. Her pampered life is nothing like that of the scruffy loner named Tramp (Justin Theroux), who roams the streets of New Orleans unattached to any other dog or family. On the run from an obsessive dog catcher , Tramp crosses paths with Lady, and while at first, the two don’t get along, she helps him escape his captor and he warns her that her happy home life may change with a baby on the way. His words come true and Lady’s place at the centre of attention is taken by Jim Dear and Darling’s new baby. When her owners leave her in the care of dog-hating Aunt Sarah and her home-wrecking pair of cats, Lady escapes and then finds and falls for Tramp, leading her to question her idea of home.