Welcome to St Andrew’s Church

We are a  friendly family Anglican church with about 60 people of all ages meeting in a multi-purpose building built on the Broadfields estate in 1937 to be a church for the community.

We promise a warm welcome to all who come, and offer an informal welcoming space for you to encounter the Lord Jesus in worship, friendship and fun.

Our mainly weekly event is Sunday morning worship at 10.30am but please see the 'what we do' section for details of the many activities we host. 

The Team Vicar is Rev Paul Berry who can be contacted via St Andrew's Church Office on (020) 8958 9730 or via email <paul.berry@london.anglican.org>

Any enquiries about hire of our building should be made via our PARISH OFFICE - contact details at the foot of the page.

Our local office at St Andrew's is manned by Susie, usually on Tuesday & Wednesday mornings until about 12 noon. You can contact Susie on (020) 3489 2710 or email <office.standrewedgware@gmail.com> 

Our membership is drawn mainly from the estate, with about half from African heritage backgrounds and an increasing number from eastern European backgrounds. We are pleased to partner with 'Maretul Har' ('Greater Grace') Romanian/English church who meet in our building for worship on Sundays at 5pm.

We have a large Jewish community established on the Broadfields estate with whom we enjoy good relations.