Edgware Parish

3 churches rooted in Christ, growing together, transforming communities

Leadership Team

Here is one of those moments when we can welcome all our clergy at the same time in the same place.

Sally Baily- Team Vicar (St Margaret's Church).

Rev Sally Baily

Sally joined the team in September 2016 having completed her curacy at St Mary's Great Chesham. She brings a wealth of leadership and business experience from her career at the London Stock Exchange. She is passionate about mission and worship, and is a regular advocate for persecuted Christians in Pakistan and she and her husband, Hammad Baily, have an international music ministry, Voice for Jesus. 

Simon Rea - Pioneering Minister (St Peter's Church).


Simon is a man of straight talk. Always speaking up for the minority, finding some unusual solution to any difficult cases. Thinking different, leading by showing, standing firm in the regeneration of Stonegrove - this is Simon. Power of prayer, practicum and academic knowledge are his super skills and he is not afraid of using them. He has two children, his wife called Margit.

Kostakis Christodoulou - Curate in training.

Kostakis is a blessing for all three churches for years now. He was with us during his training and we celebrated with him at his Ordination in 2012. He has a great deal of leadership experience from his civil life and has now dedicated himself fully to the Lord. One of the greatest encouragers and the most entertaining preachers we know.

Team Vicar - (St Andrew's Church)

We are prayerfully seeking a Team Rector with energy, imagination and someone who is purpose driven tom competently coordinate the worship and pastoral care, of a diverse Parish.  in addition, they would need to inspire the Pastoral Team and their congregations, broaden their vision and take on the challenges presented by the Edgware Community, in which we have our roots.

Please email Janet Eaves for a copy of the Parish Profile.