Edgware Parish

3 churches rooted in Christ, growing together, transforming communities


Home groups are vital part of our church life. They give us the chance to connect with each other outside the Sunday service in smaller and more intimate settings. Across the 3 churches of our Parish we share a common vision to structure our learning by aligning our Sunday preaching with a linked series or theme, carried over into Life Groups. If you’re interested in joining a Lifegroup, please contact the Parish Office using the Contact Us page.

Day/Time: Monday morning
Lifegroup Leader: Sylvia Tickle (Broadfields)

Day/Time: Monday evening
Lifegroup Leader: Yollanda (Edgware)

Day/Time: Monday evening
Lifegroup Leader: Julie Okpala (Stonegrove)

Day/Time: Monday evening
Lifegroup Leader: Cecilia Boamah (Stonegrove)

Day/Time: Monday evening
Lifegroup Leaders: Kay and Paul Berry (Broadfields)

Day/Time: Wednesday evening
Lifegroup Leader: Patience & John Tabi (Arkley)

Day/Time: Thursday evening
Lifegroup Leader: Jenny Carter (Colindale)

Day/Time: Thursday morning
Lifegroup Leader: Margit Rea(Stonegrove)

Day/Time: Friday morning
Lifegroup Leader: Barry Dawes (Edgware)

Day/Time: Saturday evening
Lifegroup Leader: Catharine Tasker (Edgware)